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Dear All,

This document is regarding the removal of Inconsistent Delta DTP ( more than one) b/w one source and target created via Transport request

Creation of Delta DTP's  - Only one delta DTP can be created from 1 source to 1 target, SAP will not allow you to create another delta DTP if you already have one.

But there could be situation when moving changes via transport request the change in DTP technical name leads to creation of 2 delta DTP but both Inactive hence of no use.

Possible scenario-: While deleting some targets or moving some changes from development system to quality/ production system. Due to change in technical name of DTPs, there could be a possibility where the old Delta DTP is not deleted properly from the system and the other newly created Delta DTP is not usable because of presence of previous inconsistent delta DTP as shown below

Solution-: Old DTP is not properly deleted from the system and cannot be deleted directly from RSA1 and also deletion is not possible by  re-importing the transport request.

You can delete the old Delta DTP first using program -: RSBKDTPDELETE without effecting the data in the target info provider.

Go to T-code se38 -->  give program name as RSBKDTPDELETE  and click on output symbol.

Below screen will appear ,simply give the name of DTP to be deleted and click on execute.

Once the old DTP is removed , activate the newly created DTP and use it for data loading.

You can check how and from which request the newly created DTP is picking the records from DTP selections.



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