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Remodeling is use to change the sctructure of infocube when the data is already existing in cube and you dont want to lose that data.

Remodeling concept is avaiable in SAP 7.1 vesrion, we can apply remodeling  to Characteritic,Keyfigures. We can do the Add/Delete/Replace Keyfigure or characteristic and fill the corresponding data to new charactersitc/keyfigure added to structure using Constant,Attribute,1:1 mapping and customer Exit.

In this document we will discuss the Remodeling using Customer Exit.

Business Requirement :- We need to add the characteristic Calmonth which will get data from already popultaed 0Price_date. For example if for one record we have 0Price_Date as 20.11.2008 then the value for new field should be 200811. We will acheive this via Remodling using Customer Exit.

below are the steps which need to be performed for this:

Step1: Create the Class -->Go to SE24 t-code Give the Class name and say Create select simpleABAP Type Class.

Under Method give Interface as  IF_RSCNV_EXIT. Below are the useful parameter for remodeling Interface.


Name of the remodeled table.

You require this parameter if you want to use the same customer exit for more than one remodeling rule.


Structure of the table before remodeling


Result of the routine, which is assigned to the new field

Edit the Method to populate the added field from 0Price_date we want the first 6 character(YYYYMM) from this.

Step2: Right Click on Cube which you wish to remodel and Additional Func --> Remodeling.

Give the Remodeling Name and Base Cube and hit Create then give the description of remodeling:

Give Description:

Click on Add:

Choose Add Characteristic as ZZCALMONTH and choose Customer Exit as ZREMOD_EXIT which we ahve created above and click oK.

Click ok and execute the job choose immedtaie to execute thejob now. then Chacek the data in Cube the data for new charateristic should come properlyas below:


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