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Prior: - I had requirement to send Reminder mail at regular interval to user for approval from mail. If user didn’t respond within time Workflow instance will be inevitably completed.

Author: Parin Chahwala

STEP 1: - Create General User Decision step to trigger MAIL for approve/Reject Workflow step.

Here, we are triggering mail to approve/reject PR releases.

Add User Decision step.

Add required Decision Texts here Release approve/reject steps add as per requirement.

Here, add Program Exit in User Decision step to trigger mail.

In Latest End tab select Work Item Creation add Time, Action and Outcome.

Above Latest End tab changes will create/Model new Outcome as “PR RELEASE CANCELED” which is shown in fig below.

Note: - As we added new Outcome as Latest end in above few screens which will automatically move User Decision step to “PR RELEASE CANCELED” outcome after 3 Minutes (or time mentioned in Latest end tab).also this will keep User Decision in Status ‘Ready” so you can still APPROVE/REJECT from Mail.

STEP 2: - Create General Decision step for Reminder to APPROVE/REJECT above MAIL

This step will send no of Reminders (here, 3) to user for approve/reject Release of above PR.

In “PR RELEASE CANCELLED” Outcome add user decision step to trigger Reminder.

As this is Reminder mail so, no need to add Decision texts in above screen.
Add Program exit to trigger Reminder MAIL in Program exits tab for User Decision step.

Similar to Previous User Decision step set Latest End Outcome. Here it is for 3 Days.

Note: - above Latest End is required only if u r sending more than 1 reminder mail. As in above I set to 3 Days to create new work item for sending reminder after 3 days.

Activate Outcome Processing obsolete as shown below.

Two Outcomes enable as “Processing Obsolete” and “PR RELEASE REMINDER CANCELLED” in Reminder’s User Decision step shown in screen below.

STEP 3: - Create Process Control step for “PR RELEASE REMINDER CANCELLED”

Once Latest End for Reminder’s User Decision reached it will move to Outcome Latest end where we are adding Process Control step. This move the workflow to ‘Processing obsolete’ Outcome.

As shown below give step no of Reminder mail User Decision and function its work item to Obsolete.

so, above control will flow User Decision Outcome to "Processing Obsolete".

STEP 4: - Add Counter and Loop in "Processing Obsolete " Outcome to Repeat above Reminder User Decision

Increasing Counter variable with every "Processing Obsolete " Outcome

Create Loop step for repeat above Reminder step

Execute loop till counter reach 003 to send 3 reminder mails after every 3 days.

STEP 5: - Create Process Control step to Complete Workflow step after no of Reminders.

After No of Reminders i.e. end of loop if no response received from user this step will complete Workflow Instance.


  • If there is no APPROVE/REJECT response from User decision it will trigger Outcome as Latest End after specified time.

  • So this Latest end will execute step ‘Reminder UD’ to send reminder mail for above ‘APPROVE/REJECT UD’ during this Latest end ‘APPROVE/REJECT UD’ will remain in Ready status.

  • After Latest end time for ‘Reminder UD’ this will execute ‘Process Control for Reminder UD’ step.

  • ‘Process Control for Reminder UD’ will set Outcome as ‘Processing obsolete’ for ‘Reminder UD’ step.

  • ‘Processing obsolete’ will change counter variable and change the loop counter.

  • Again same ‘Reminder UD’ Process will follow until end of counter in loop step.

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