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As we know there are many things to explore in SAP Business Technology Platform, and there are many services and functionalities available.

Here in this blog i am going to explain the steps if we want to connect SAP System with SAP BTP.

Registering an SAP System in BTP

To connect an SAP solution system with a global account in SAP BTP, you first need to register the system.


You are a global account administrator, or you are a system landscape administrator of the global account where you want to register your SAP system.

The registration process is based on an integration token that is used for the pairing of the system and the corresponding global account. You create the token in the SAP BTP cockpit, and then use it to configure the integration on the corresponding SAP solution side.

The registration process has the following states displayed in the cockpit:


System Landscape --> Systems

System Landscape in BTP

Click on Register System

Register System

Specify the system details

Specify the system details

The following SAP system types are supported:

  1. SAP S/4HANA Cloud (available for Cloud Foundry and Kyma environment)

  2. SAP Marketing Cloud (available for Cloud Foundry and Kyma environment)

  3. SAP SuccessFactors (available for Cloud Foundry and Kyma environment)

  4. SAP Commerce Cloud (available for Kyma environment)

  5. SAP Cloud for Customer (available for Kyma environment)

  6. SAP Field Service Management (available for Kyma environment)

In my scenario I have selected SAP SuccessFactors.

Select SuccessFactors and click on Register Button

Select Type


Once we click on Register button it will show another screen with Token, we have to use generated token to connect SAP SuccessFactors


Token Generation

It’s pending because token has not been used in SuccessFactors and connection yet happened.


3 types of status we can get after registering the system, details are below.

  • Pending- the integration token for an SAP system has been created but the registration on the respective SAP solution system side has not been performed or completed.

  • Registered- the integration token has been used and the automated registration process has been successfully completed. The system can be assigned to a formation on the Formations page in the cockpit.

  • Error- the registration has failed.

Next Steps

Once you register a system, cloud platform generates an integration token that you use to complete the integration on the respective SAP solution system side.

Copy the integration token and use it to configure the integration on the respective SAP system side (In my case it’s SuccessFactors).

In my another blog will talk about how to use generated token to connect SAO Solution(In my case it’s SuccessFactors).

There few more steps we have to follow once registration complete.

  1. In the cockpit, assign the system to a formation on the Formations page, as follows:

    • Systems of type SAP Commerce CloudSAP Cloud for Customer, and SAP Field Service Management can be assigned to a formation directly before the integration is complete on the respective SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) system side. However, to enable the API access, you first need to complete the integration.

    • For systems of type SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors, you first need to configure the integration on the respective SAP system side

Formation in BTP


Click on Create Formation Button

Create Formation

Provide Required information and Click on Create Button

Formation Created-

Click on Formation Name highlighted in Yellow colour, it will navigate to another page

As you can see the status is pending, because we are yet to integrate our SAP Solution (SuccessFactors)



Here in this blog i have talked about the steps from BTP side , in my next blog i will show you how to use generated token in SAP SuccessFactors and make the connection between SAP BTP to SF.

Hope you all will like it.

Keep Exploring and Happy Learning.

Thanks and Regards

Naveen Kumar Jain

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