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Introduction: This article contains information about BW workbooks with a business scenario to refresh individual queries from a workbook. Options available to create or change a query is however outside the scope of this article.

Author's Bio: Sourav is having more than 6 years experience in SAP BI, he has worked on several support and enhancement projects; currently working with IBM India Pvt Ltd.

Workbook: Workbook is a predefined saved view of query or a combination of queries. These are basically created and saved as per user's choice i.e., end users would be having liberty to create their own workbooks and either save to their local system or to the SAP server.

Business Scenario: When we create workbook with multiple sheets (queries), sometimes it is not needed to refresh all the queries at once. However if we try to refresh only a single query in a workbook where a number of worksheets are available with a different query, it is not possible.

Solution: Below are the steps which should be followed in order to refresh only a single query from a workbook.

Step1: Open the workbook and select workbook setting.

Step2: Check 'allow refresh of individual queries'.

Step3: Now go to Tcode RS_FRONTEND_INIT. Make sure that you have change access to that Tcode. Add one entry there -


Step4: Now you can see the refresh button has been enhanced to display two option (one for refreshing all queries and one for refreshing only the selected query).

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