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Once you setup fresh GW box with S/4HANA Backend Server, you will notice in Fiori launchpad designer that many of the fiori tiles are lost with their references. Actually it is looking for some additional configuration in the system aliases creation. 


In order to fix this issue, Create relevant RFC destination in FES:



Once the above RFC's were created, run tcode /n/ui2/appdesc_get and mention Business Catalog as SAP_*_BC_*_

Make sure its all green here. If not create its respective RFC or you can even maintain system aliases in SM30 - /UI2/V_SYSALIAS - Maintain all the missing system aliases here. 

Clear the global caches by running the report - /UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES


Run tcode /n/UI2/APPDESC_GET – Test in Testmode first and then uncheck and execute it again. Make sure it shows all green. Otherwise if u notice with errors, then try to create its respective RFC.


Now all errors gone.





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