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It is human to err, but some errors unfortunately involve high price tags. This post is to explore the options of recovering a deleted web template in SAP BW development system. I have not tried this for other objects so I’m unaware of the possibilities that lie ahead. It is always a best practice to avoid any types of deletion of objects or data without proper confirmations.

Requirement: Recovering a web template in development, which got deleted by mistake.

Pre-requisite: This web template’s latest version has been transported to quality and other target systems previously.

Procedure: Let us first create a scenario by deleting an existing web template:

Stock Overview report as shown below has been deleted from the development system BAD.

After choosing YES the template ceases to exist in the development system which is reconfirmed by the below checks:

Running the URL:

Landscape and direction of transport movement:

Step 1: Login to Quality - BAQ

Step 2: Identify the transport request containing the latest version of the required web template.

In transaction SE03 choose “Search for objects in Requests/Tasks” under “Objects in Requests” folder.

Enter the object type as TMPL in case of web templates and the name of the web template that was deleted and execute.

The result would display all the requests that contained the web template; it is wiser to choose the latest one as that would be the working latest version of the web template. Make a note of the transport request.

Step 3: Create a Transport Request in Quality of request type “Transport of copies” and target as DEVELOPMENT.

In transaction SE10 create a transport request of type “Transport of copies” checked.

Under create request choose the radio button “Transport of copies”.

Make sure to choose the TARGET as DEVELOPMENT system, use possible entries help here. If you choose only workbench request then the possible entries help would not display the Development system in the list.

Step 4: Insert the web template into the request from the transport request identified in step 2.

Choose to “Include Objects” into the selected request.

Select the radio button “Object List from Request” and specify the request number which holds the latest version of the required web template.

The message bar should indicate that the objects are inserted from one request to another; this could also be confirmed by checking the objects in the new request.

Step 5: Release the request from Quality so that it could be imported in Development.

Step 6: Login to development system and import the released request containing the web template from Quality:

Go to transaction STMS_IMPORT in development.

You should be able to see the request released from Quality here, provided you did not miss to mention the target as Development during creation of the request in Step 3.

Choose the required options and the import should start.

Step 7: Moment of Truth.

Post successful import of the transport run the development relevant URL and you should be able to find the web template opening up.

Also you should be able to find the deleted web template upon searching:

Even though we know the cure, prevention is always better. Please be extremely cautious before deleting objects from any system.

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