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Record Mode:                 

Delta is feature of extractor, which refers to changes (new/modified entries), occurred in the source system.

Record Mode is used in Delta process that is being used by Data sources which identify how delta record is updated to the data target in case of delta process.

The various delta processes support different combinations of the seven possible values of 0RECORD MODE:

  • After-image    ‘ ‘ :
    The record provides an after image, i.e. how does the record look like after the change.
    The status of the record after it has been changed, or after data has been added is transferred.
  • Before-image   ‘X’:
    The record provides a before image, i.e. what did the record look like before the change.
    The status of the record before the change is transferred.
  • Add                  ‘A’:
    The record provides an additive image. Only the differences for all the numeric values are available.
  • Delete ‘D’:
    This record mode type signifies that the record must be deleted.
  • New Image ‘N’:
    The record provides a new image, i.e. when a new record is created; a new image is set for it.
  • Reverse Image ‘R’:
    The record provides a reverse image. The content of this record is equivalent to a before image. The only difference occurs when updating a Data Store object: An existing record with the same key is deleted.

If Data source id Delta enable, ROCANCLE which is part of Data source, hold changes from R/3 side.

This field is assigned to 0RECORDMODE info object in BI system.

How record mode works:

Let’s take example of ABR (After before Reverse Image) Delta Process.

It supports loading to both Cube and DSO.

                                        Data in New Table/Activation Queue

Let’s consider we have 2 entries in DSO New data table from PSA.

Once we activate the data we will have two records in DSO Active Data table.

                                                DSO Active Data Table


                                               DSO Change Log Table

At the same time above 2 entries will update in change log table with record mode value ‘N’ (New entry).

Now suppose from R/3 side 1 new record is added and change occurs in existing record for material 1 and 75 with below values:

     Plant       Material Controlling    MRP Type    Inhered MRP   Cont Planned      deliv time  processing time

1                1                 S                   2                 5                       2                    5                2

1                75                T                   3                 0                       3                    1                3

1                80                F                   4                                          4                    2                4

Look at the new data table (Activation Queue) and we will have 3 records.

                                                       New Data Table

Entries in Change Log:

In Change log table entries will update as shown. The highlighted records are from the first request.

With the second load i.e. the second request the change log table puts the before and after Image for the relevant records.

In the above example Material (1) and Plant (1) has the before image with record mode "x"(row 3 in the above Fig) And all the key figures will be have the "-" sign as we have opted to overwrite option and the characteristics will be overwritten always.

The after image " " which reflects the change in the data record (Check row 4 in the above fig). We have changed the characteristic Profit center with SE from SECOND and the Key figure Processing Time is changed from 1 to 2. A new record (last row in the above Fig) is added is with the Status "N" as it's a new record. 

The Delta process for Data source we can define in table ROOSOURCE (In source system) and in table RSDS (In BI for Data sources).

Properties of the delta process are defined in RODELTAM table in (BI or Source System).

                                                         Delta Process for Data Source 0FI_GL_10


                                       Properties of Delta Process (Indicates Record Mode values)

Data load in data target with delta processes:

Delta Process                                                   Support Data Load into DSO or Cube??                         

      ABR (After Image, Before Image)                               DSO and Cube

      ADD (Additive Image)                                                 DSO and Cube                 

      AIE (After Image)                                                        DSO Only

      R (Reverse Image)                                                        DSO and Cube

      D (Delete Image)                                                          DSO Only


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