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Autumn in japan.


Autumn is said to be the best season for reading in Japan.

Autumn is a great time for sports in Japan.

Autumn is the best season for enjoying meals.


And it ’s a good season for Mokumoku.

(Personally, I feel that Mokumoku will improve in winter than in summer)



See here for the meaning.

I recommend the SAP Tutorial for Mokumoku.

SAP Tutorial Navigator


I recently completed almost all of the SAP Tutorials I wanted to do, so I will look back and introduce a few ABAP-related missions.(Updated November 2019)

By the way, Tutorial gathered into Group. Group gathers and becomes Mission.

Tutorial < Group < Mission


Get used to ABAP in Eclipse

This tutorial will help you learn ABAP development in Eclipse.
When all is done, you can get a Badge.

・Get Started with ABAP Development


Connect ABAP environment to SAP Cloud Platform

Connect your own ABAP environment and SAP CP.

・Connect Your On-Premise System with SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment

・Use the Application Router in Cloud Foundry to Connect to ABAP System

・Consume Data from an ABAP System Using the Cloud Connector


SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment

・Start Developing on SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment

・Develop an SAP Fiori App Using ABAP

・App Space

It is recommended to do it through App Space's  「SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment」.



That's why ABAP-related tutorials are increasing. If you are new to tutorials, please reach out to tutorials other than ABAP.
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