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Hi Friends,

I would like to share some generic rules for OData creation in various real time development scenarios .

Type of EntitiesEntities Implementation
File Upload  Entity
  • File upload entity should check media property and in addition to that redefine “Define” method in model provider class and needs to redefine create stream and get stream  methods in data provider class.
Batch Entity
  • To implement batch procedure and make sure to implement code base create method, Change set begin and Change set end.
  • In batch implementation process should not write "COMMIT" statement in create method , it means that system itself  execute COMMIT statement by Change set begin and Change set end method implementations.
Deep Entity
  • Header and Item entity sets should has navigation property for triggering Deep entity method implementation.
Expand Entities
  • Header and Item entity sets should has navigation property and association with same name for $expand functionality (recommended to implement custom expand functionality to avoid the performance issue).
Create Entity
  • OData service automatically call get entity method when execute create method, so that get entity needs to implemented to avoid such cases.

General Rules for Entity creation:

  • Entity creation always  recommended from developed RFC function module. So that fields mapping can done very easily without manual intervention.
  • Key field should be there in input  and output mapping in case of get entity implementation.
  • Make sure that date field check  nullable property.

Thank you.

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