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edit: link to twitch stream published, invite link for slack channel

Nowadays, most Techs in SAPverse have certainly heard of CAP, the Cloud Application Programming Model, and its' sibling RAP. Both are the go-to programming models for SAP cloud-centric applications.

Momentum and pace on CAP have been picking up this year, not the least due to the introduction of  the CAP community on SAP mentors and some excellent articles on the subject.

Then a funny chat on Slack happened on having a nerd cruise for CAP. And this lead to a community-driven initiative for organizing an an actual event:
meet re>≡CAP, the first (un)conference on the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model:

Why unconference? Because for one, the focus is on "less talk, show me the code", which is not your typical conference emphasis. Furthermore, the original on-site event had some dedicated slots for joint hacking and a reserved "BoF" speaking bay called "Rylos" (google this yourself 🙂 ).

"On-site event" here already indicates the change of plans due to the Corona pandemic - what was originally intended to happen at the j&s-soft office in Heidelberg is now a two-fold event:

  1. online conference on May 15th, streamed via Twitch

  2. on-site event at j&s in Heidelberg, later in 2020, once we know more how the pandemic pans out

The agenda for the online stream is top-notch, with the CAP core team demonstrating capabilities of and best practices working with the framework along with showing all the details of CAP's inner workings. Note that even the CAP papa himself, daniel.hutzel, participates and will deliver the keynote!

So here's the shout out and invite to all of you to join the Twitch stream at on May 15th and participate in all the CAP goodness 🙂

Also, follow re>≡CAP's twitter account and join the Slack channel to stay up-to-date on the event!
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