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On the East Coast, we have experienced 70mph wind storms, losing power, and still winter cold weather.  As a result I still like to look back at lovely Huntington Beach, CA and seeing what everyone was talking about at BI+Analytics Conference.

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It's no surprise that the conference hashtag was the top social media post

Above shows the text analysis type with social media topics and twitter ID's close together.

This is a bar chart of the first figure.  Variations of the conference hashtag, #BIAConf, were the top


SAP's timo.elliott , with 2 keynotes, was very popular in social media at this conference.  Speaking of Timo, I was stopped several times last week, "what about on-premise" and I referred them to Timo's slide here:

Source: SAP

“On premise is still thriving” as shown by the Web Intelligence roadmap above.

TextLayer counts words, not necessarily social media tags, with BIAConf (conference tag) biaconference, analytics and Timo Elliott leading the way

Who doesn't want to see a tag cloud?  I know it is not popular with visualization experts, but I still like them.

Top tweeters (but it should be quality not quantity)


ASUG volunteer Shawn Cooper  (aka @S_P_Cooper on twitter) won the event twitter content.  It was well deserved as his tweets were of high quality, in my opinion

English was the top language used in twitter, followed by French, as there were some French speakers in attendance

The top time zone of tweets was East Coast, which is interesting as the conference was held on the West Coast.

Twitter for iPhone was the top source of tweets followed by twitter for iPad.  SAP uses the Sprinklr platform for tweets.


What was the top tweet, most favorited and retweeted?











No surprise, it was Timo wtih this tweet:

However, for me, the most memorable tweet was this one by Catherine Rush

Eventful Conferences has a poll, with 11 hours left - I don't want to influence you, but please vote California!
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