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On Thursday 13 February, Ordina hosted ingo.braeuninger with the topic of ABAP for SAP HANA Fundamentals. Tweets posts, and blogs were written, Invitations were sent. And people, eager to learn more, converged on Nieuwegein to be enlightened.



After a thorough presentation by Ingo we were set loose on exercises in the following areas:

  • Developing with ABAP in Eclipse;

  • Debug with ABAP in Eclipse;

  • Static Code Checks and SQL Monitoring;

  • Using Core Data Services;

  • Advanced OpenSQL;

  • ABAP managed Database Procedures (AMDP);

  • Troubleshoot a Fiori App using ABAP Profiling;

  • Troubleshoot a Fiori App using Dynamic Logpoints.

In case there were problems Ingo or any member of the organisation was ready to assist.


Working hard...

Ingo's view.


Our view.







And a large number of (cold) drinks were available.



On behalf of all organisers (hilderink) we thank all participants for attending this CodeJam.

We hope to see you all again later this year (after the summer holidays) for our second CodeJam.

Also a big thank you for Ingo for taking the time to help everybody with upgrading their ABAP in Eclipse skills. We hope you enjoy the bottle of Laphroaig 10yo you were presented with at the end of a long day.
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