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  1) Rebuild BIA Index on Cube

  Method 1:

  Right click on the cube in RSA1 and select

   The following window appears with a message as highlighted.
   Click ‘Continue’.

   Click ’Yes’ on the window that appears

   The following message appears stating the completion of process



   2) Filling up BIA Index

   To fill the BIA Indexes, right click on the cube in RSA1 and select the maintain BIA Accelerator Index.

    Go for an Immediate Start.


   3) Method 2: Filling BIA Index on cube

   Go to T-Code RSRV and select the highlighted option.

   Click on the option in the right hand window and click ‘Execute’.


   One the below window, click ‘Delete & Rec’.

   Go for an Immediate start.

   The below message appears, click ‘OK’

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