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Within UN goal #13:Climate Action, I took the unsung part of millennial life, Gaming and how could it add to amelioration of climate.I am contributing this article/study on the fact that we are in that phase of time after which, any attempt to bring the environment back to its original state will be close to impossible.

This study focus on the number of users in Gaming community rather than the amount of gaming hours spent by them(next part of this Project/Idea).

Let me explain the gaming trends:

  • There are now more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world.It seems like in the foreseeable future that these numbers are just going to keep increasing.

  • Combined, they will spend $152.1 billion on games in 2019, representing an increase of +9.6% year on year.

  • All age groups have dramatically increased the amount that they play each week. The lowest number came from the 18-25 age group which increased the amount they play by 9.9%.  The largest increase was from the 26-35 age group with about a 26% increase. Even the 60+ age group increased the amount they play by about 14%.

Data: ,Forbes,WIRED (credits to their respective websites and authors for data)

The main purpose of this presenting above mentioned statistics is to stress on the fact the money inflow and the person involved in this *profession is very large and have a potential to make a huge impact if utilized carefully.

The idea here is not to create a new virtual game which will sensitize peoples ,playing games, about the climate degradation but to force them to be a part of it.


The main motivation that drives a person in playing a game again and again is its story line,game-play and most important the progress of the player in that game.

I'll be triggering the third motivating aspect to make Plants as a new currency of Virtual Gaming World.


In order to buy a Game/a Character in a game/skin of the weapon/level-up or any other asset of game ,he/she needs to purchase a plant (from certain authorized centers) which is fitted with an equipment or device(mentioned in the later part) that will generate the OTP ,every time a person needs access to his/her account.By doing this the money that was being spent online is now invested on plant.Every gaming company will be getting its revenue doing this CSR activity.

Device mentioned here is having 2 responsibilities:

  1. Generate the OTP every time that person accesses its account.

  2. Keep a check on Plant's health.

This will not only ensure the preservation of plant but also its growth within protective hands.Natural incentives will also be provided to players.For Example:If rainfall happens in that area,they may receive gifts.The level of upgrade/asset depends upon the plant type(More oxygen releasing plant =higher price=greater perks to player).Plant death will lead that device inactivity and he'll loose access to that asset to which plant was related to.

Device Details:

In collaboration with agricultural experts,this device is made a inseparable part of plant by using a technique called as Grafting which enables the plant to grow with that device being pierced into it and nobody could move that.Use of IOT is inevitable.Could be linked to mobile using an app.

Inculcated Authorities: Agricultural researchers having expertise in plant breeding,Gaming Companies/organisations(key role).

Business opportunities:If the idea of plant currency is successful, it may lead to development of farms where people can plant their trees(like server farms) with these devices fitted in and certain groups being paid to host and take care of those farms.

Not only will this result in more overall engagement, but it also leads to entirely new segments of game enthusiasts.
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