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The new SAP book on BPM has been published - Applying Real-World BPM in an SAP Environment - and this book has a chapter on the use of business rules and decision management.

I wrote the chapter and aimed it primarily at those thinking about how to use business rules, like the NetWeaver Business Rules Management product, alongside SAP's BPM tools. The chapter does include some guidance on how to use business rules, and the BRFplus ABAP rules engine in particular, to improve and enhance your core SAP applications (though you should register for my webinar on Smarter ERP with Decision Management and business rules if you are interested in this topic).

There's a lot of material in the book (which obviously goes well beyond business rules) as well as some great material on the two SAP rule management systems (NetWeaver BRM and BRFplus) by Carsten Ziegler and a bunch of good rules case studies. This makes this book the first that is focused on BPM but has a solid core of Decision Management and business rules information integrated with it. As someone who believes passionately that managing the decisions that processes need using business rules is key to simpler, smarter, more agile business processes I take this as a good sign!

You can buy the book on Amazon or on SAP Press. The BPM Book: Real World BPM in an SAP Environment is now available And if you ware serious about using BRFplus, and you should be, don't forget the great new New book(s) on business rules and also available from Amazon

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