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Real User Monitoring is a key functionality in SAP Cloud ALM which helps in monitoring of system based on the usage and the performance.

The purpose of Real User Monitoring is to provide transparency about the usage (executions)and the performance (response times) of user interactions. It supports the monitoring request executions from different platforms with a unified user experience using a common look-and-feel and handling pattern.

The basic concept is to get all user interactions and the relevant server requests which are the correlated in the Real User Monitoring application. Request executions are rated not based on fixed thresholds but on historical values.

Real User Monitoring shall help IT users and Business users to understand how often applications are executed and what is the response times for the end-users.


Overview of RUM in SAP Cloud ALM: The overview page of the RUM will show the overall performance of a system. Green, orange and red shows the performance of the types of the request.


We can mark the systems/SIDs as favorite and it will appear in the favorite column of the home page.




To further drill down, you can go to the request page of RUM, it shows the list of the requests which is impacting the performance of the system.


We can sort the list of request based on red executions, total executions, average response time and users. We can download the list as well.

The status summary shows the percentage of red execution, yellow execution and green execution.

Requests have hyperlinks, so it can navigate you to the actions which are inside the requests.



The list of actions shows  that the actions which were performed in that request. We can sort the list of actions as well based on the columns, in decreasing or increasing order.


Actions are also navigable, so if you click on the action which has more Red Executions, it is take us to the time each and every action was performed.


When we click on the particular time when there was a performance issue, it will navigate us to the components of that request. It shows the details of the request and the action at that time. The details are response time, CPU time, memory, bytes sent, etc.


So, the real user monitoring is very useful in troubleshooting the performance related issues in system. Remember, real user monitoring is not an alerting tool. It is just a monitoring and analytics tool.


Keep learning and keep sharing !

Cheers !


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