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Real-time Reporting in SAP HANA using Calculation View, Open ODS and Bex


There is always a need to have real time reporting within SAP HANA transaction system. HANA calculation view in combination with any reporting tool is an obvious choice to meet this requirement. But when you do not have third party reporting tool that can integrate with HANA then it’s hard. Thanks to SAP’s inbuilt Bex functionality and Open ODS which can become your front end for real time reporting.


You have a requirement to develop a report to show FIGL line item level postings for a specific fiscal period. This is an ad-hoc real time reporting requirement. This can be achieved within SAP ECC HANA system by building calculation view on the basic table ACDOCA or BSEG. Then by building a semantic layer using open ODS and Bex query on top of this calculation view, you can build a nice reporting environment for ad-hoc real time reporting within SAP ECC HANA system.

Step By Step Procedure:

The environment discussed in the current context is SAP ECC HANA. Document is showing high level concept and not going through details of creating HANA views, Open ODS and Bex Query. It is assumed that developer is experienced with this development.

Step 1: Create new calculation view using analytic view and attribute view to combine data from various other tables within ECC HANA system. Your calculation view should have all the fields required and all the business logic needed. This development can be done in HANA Studio or Eclipse under SAP HANA Modeler perspective. You need to have HANA Modeling access for this development.

Step 2: Create Open ODS:

You need to switch to BW Modeling perspective within HANA studio for this development.

Right click on the infoarea and choose newàOpen ODS view

In the next window provide the details as below:

BW Project and Infoarea will be pre-filled

Give meaningful name and Description to your Open ODS

Choose Semantics as “Facts”

Choose Source Type as “Database Table or View”

Choose DB Object Schema as _SYS_BIC

Source system will be populated as “_SYS_BIC00”

Enter or Choose DB Object Name as you Calculation view created in the STEP 1 above.


Step 3: Field assignment in Open ODS:

Next you need to drag and drop required fields from “Source Field” window to “View Fields” window

Also make required fields as Characteristics (Key).

Where ever necessary assign Infoobject to fields in General tab. This is important if you want to create selection variable on certain fields. Variable cannot be created directly on the field, you need to assign infoobject to that field. Then activate Open ODS

Step 4: Bex Query development on Open ODS:

Right click on your Open ODS and choose BW Query as below. Then build you query structure as per the requirement. This development is same as any Bex development in HANA Studio or Eclipse. I expect developer to know the steps of building Bex Query.

Step 5: Running Bex Query on SAP Portal or Fiori using UIBB (User Interface Building Blocks)

UIBBs are the interface views of a Web Dynpro ABAP component (the Web Dynpro windows). You can host this report URL either on SAP Portal or Fiori as below. You need to determine URL of the report by using ABAP Communication log.

Fiori tiles:

SAP Portal Links:

To execute this report you can double click on tile or link. Report output will look like as below.

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