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Why this document?

I had the opportunity to work with a third-party adapter on our SAP PI 7.11 and PI 7.3 system. In both cases, the adapter was not 100% integrated into the alerting framework and we had to find a solution for that.

So, I wrote an ABAP program reading the adapter status. Based on that status the report produces an e-mail.

I just want to share the adapter status reading part and something extra to build this solution.

ABAP code logic

The code fragment to read the adapter status:

The return code must be checked. If this is 200, the adapter status can be read. If not, I created an alert e-mail mentioning that the adapter engine is not accessible.

Now, you can build and send your e-mail.


To be able to read the adapter status, an extra role must be granted to the user. Please note this role must be assigned to the user via the SAP NetWeaver Administrator. Make sure the following actions are assigned to the role:

Questions or remarks?

If you have a (technical) question, feel free to send me an e-mail or post your thought or question.

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