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This blog focuses on a work around solution to read the negative precision value in BO-WEBI 4.1 version.


In 4.1 version it has been observed that the smaller precision negative values are not picked in WEBI when BEX is used as a source of the data.

Bex Output:

WEBI Output for the relative Line:

Number Format of the Line:

Work around solution:

Change the number format to below: Where negative is placed in apostrophe.

Please use the required decimals.

WEBI Output:

Cause of the Issue:

This issue is coming in BO 4.1 when BEX is used as a source of the data and when the lines are using NODIM to suppress the units. NODIM values are not passing to WEBI when the values are too less.

This issue is identified in when the BW7.3 as backend and BO 4.1, the smaller negative precision values are not been pulled in WEBI for which the above work around works fine as a solution.

When BW7.4 as backend (Support Pack is less than 5), even the Smaller precision values both for Positive and Negative values also not been recognized by WEBI or by Crystal when the lines are using NODIM function. Quick work around is to remove the NODIM and then pull the values in reporting.

From SP5 of BW7.4, this side effect of NODIM is not occurring and the normal number formatting can be applied.

Hope this works for you. :smile:

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