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The requirement is to read the file using file content conversion, the flat file header and footer contains key field and detail does not contain key field using sender file adapter as mentioned in below question
How to convert the flat file to XML without Record type identifiers /Key field value

I want to show how we can implement this in PI/PRO.


Create the sender data type as below.

Create receiver data type like below.

Create two message types using above data types and create below two service interfaces.

Create message mapping for above sender message type to receiver message type.

HeaderNode mapping like below.

DetailNode mapping like below.

FooterNode mapping like below.

Create operation mapping for above message mapping.


Create the below IFLOW in NWDS.

Use below File Content Conversion in sender file adapter.


I used below sender file to test.

Message Mapping test:

The receiver file placed in the target directory with below content.

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