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Having hard time for 2 days making configurations to read the Invoice Attachment through Email channel. I could not figure out what was going wrong. Finally decided to code ABAP custom program to full fill the purpose.


The attached ABAP custom code will move invoices attached in the email to VIM IDH (TC -> /opt/vim_7ax8) with standard status displaying accordingly.

Email with attachment appears in the indexer inbox

shows up the attachment

Create a program with attached code, This code reads the invoice attachment from email to download it to a location.


The download invoice attachment is archived in to OTAS going through the workflow to result the work item.

at the same time VIM IDH gets updated with Document id showing the status as "scanned"



Once the extraction job in the ICC Customization client is successful ran. The status gets updated to "Extraction completed" to trigger to next step


Once the doc id is triggered to next status "Ready for Validation", make sure that jobs on the ICC finish with no errors to use validation client to capture the invoice data automatically.



Captured data when submitted shows up the DP id in VIM Work place, which can be used accordingly


This code currently works for only FAX Document class and can be extended to pdf too,

This below video demonstrates how it is achieved. Please suggest or modify code as per your needs.





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