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SAP Cloud Integration comes with inbuilt monitoring , which is good for basic monitoring but lacks one single view with all that you want to check with your tenant or see any patterns which may indicate some of long term underlying neglected issues impacting your performance and putting burden on your Enviourment.  There are other solutions on how we can link SAP Cloud integration content with Azure monitor for notification trigger and see analytics data which solves that problem to some extent.

However we wanted to give a try to built a custom UI application on BTP with exactly what we want to see on SCI monitoring.

Outcome : A nice and rich looking UI application with data points highlighting daily integration run stats with analytics displaying underlying issues.

A Quick Glance:


Why :

Challenge With standard Integration monitoring capability:

  • Takes significant time of support team in daily monitoring of various integrations , keys etc .

  • doesn't provide any analytics highlighting any long-term underlying issue which might be impacting your tenant.


A nice looking UI application with :

  • Home page provides a glimpse of our integration landscape by giving insights on

    • Integration Flow Propositions : Provides you proposition of Completed vs Failed integrations in a Donut chart.

    • Messages in the last selected duration: Provides you Number of Processed, Successful and Failed Integrations.

    • Top 3 Failed Integrations: Top3 Failed Integrations in selected time span.

    • Security Key Statistics: Security Key statistics with Total Keys, Expired and expiring soon.

    Get into Details of integrations by clicking on any f the section on Messages statistics card .

    A list of all the selected integrations will be displayed.

    You can navigate directly to Failed Integrations only when we click on Total Messages Failed. However you can click on Filter removal button (Top Right) and that will give you all the list of integrations.

    We also have capability of Filtering and Sorting on specific table columns to make searching for specific integration run easier.

Integration flow details will give you additional information and ERROR information about failed integrations.

Navigate directly to SCPI LOGS in SCPI cockpit by clicking on Locate on SCPI button.



Analytics page is designed to provide trends and pattern insights with in our environment.

Varity of charts helps us understanding patterns better by Specific integrations / Time / Days etc.

We can get insights about a specific integration behavior by selecting specific integration in Settings Section.



Features & Benefits:

  • Reduction in overall daily monitoring by more than 50% for support team with better User Interface.

  • Enable Business users to view and monitor Integrations without giving access to SCI tenant.

  • Look for status for specific duration and Integration Flow.

  • Provides Error insights and makes filter capability a breeze to use.

  • Directly navigate to Logs of an integration message from FLOW DETAILS section.

  • Get Insights from Analytics generated for specific duration/integration flow.


Technical Architecture :


SAP Provides standard ODATA Apis that are available to get all the information for your integration tenant and then model the data according to your requirements.

SAP Cloud Integration API


UI Application can be easily built on top on API layer according to monitoring requirements.


This solution has helped us a lot in daily monitoring and rectifying multiple issues that we identified by looking an analytics. Me & my team absolutely loved creating this solution and learning at the same time.


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