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Certification @SAP Business Workflow, is it really a big challenge to win?  :???:

Let’s then review my experience on same road map.I don't blog regularly but tried to give a good start.......

To start with, neither 'U' need to be a SME nor required to have rich experience on the subject, but at least you need to have sound understanding on the basic fundamentals & concepts. Plan is all about to check your command over 5 W’s of workflow i.e. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WITH WHAT & WHAT ORDER. If you can revolve around these W's well then that leads to answer all your difficulties.

Additionally or can say optionally not to overlook experience on the subject (if you have) which matters alsoooo. It will bring confidence in U and expedite your understanding of concept & goal achieving process. Having ABAP background definitely makes you stand one step ahead what I feel. :cool:

In more details, one need to understand topics that comes under certification’s scope and weights of each of the topic for robust preparation. Quite Important!! because a topic with more weights got more questions and that is very true as I experienced it. And the virtual key to success are the suggested PDF's on below SAP's site i.e. BIT 600,601,603,610,611 etc.

SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Business Workflow with SAP NetWeaver 7.0

Coming to little bit of exam pattern : Do not know about other certification, however for this I felt questions are easy but answers are tricky in fact very very tricky. Almost every question is associated with a concept directly or indirectly and i.e. the check point to your correct answer/s. So what I've learn is, understanding of concept is of great help (bulz – I approach :wink: ) instead of memorizing t-codes, tables name, questions etc. Question patterns are like true false, multiple answer (check box based), single answer (radio button based) & pictorial/graphical based. Questions with multiple answers are going to be mess, but same time let’s not forget to acknowledge thanks to SAP for providing tips (like number of correct answer’s to the question ) which makes life bit good. You might get some questions asked through pictures (i.e. SAP transaction screen-shot/WF graphical log format) with a scenario associate with it.

Exam duration is of 180mins (more than enough time ) with 80 questions with passing mark is 57 %( Which may vary :twisted: ). Time is surplus comparing to number of Qns,so you will definitely get chance to re-visit different section back and bookmark option in the exam tool will help you in that.Listen to the exam coordinator carefully before starting your exam as he/she reads out many important points related to exam.Once exam starts, it can't be paused time will keep on running :shock: .

If you are thinking to google & search for question banks/dumps, then probability of positive outcome is least. Certification in business workflow were stopped earlier.SAP have started the same in recent time. Do not turn behind fake sites N do not spoil money in downloading Q&A. Rather you will get good number of blog’s/articles on workflow which will help in better preparation.Few to mention like -:

SAP Certification may not be the first step but is the ladder for achieving success and is a milestone in ur SAP career. this time after going through above story if you have gained some confidence..then I'm done :smile: and my blog is fruitful. :grin:

Here I am. What about you? All the very best :wink:



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