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Due to an emergency situation a configuration object in Prod PI Integration directory (ICO) was edited directly, while activating the change list there was
some interruption because of which Change list got into an Unexpected State. I was not able to either reject or activate the change list.

ID Object is still hanging in my change list. Not able to activate.

Erorr message displayed while rejecting or activating change list.

Root Cause:

The error "Unexpected state of Changelist (ID=<#>). Expected open,but given state is releasedLocally" is often caused by a hanging

thread which wasn't able to complete the changelist activation.


Restarting the system has resolved the issue for us.

If this is still not resolved after restart, then run the SQL queries as per note #1399960

"Database Inconsistency for changelists in PI" and attach the result to SAP incident.

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