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I was just reading some content on SNC and think about one common situation related to our SAP Solution Manager, that SAP Solution that a huge number of SAP consultant don't know, especially if they are from functional / logistic part, MM, SD, BO, BW, WM, etc... beside sap system administrators that know the software but don't like it :wink: . So think about that, a huge number of SAP specialist don't know Solution Manager, don't know the goal of solman and sap system consultant don't wanna to use it. One reason for that is currently crisis situation and some project manager ( :mad: ) don like to use solution manager on huge sap installations because they are afraid to lose time or resource while implementation project. I don't think so and know all adantaje to use solution manager for manage landscapes, support maintenance projects and support also implementations or upgrade project but that's not the topic that i'am trying to explain on that post.

Look at that screenshot, look at a few most of the common SAP solution around the world and compare it to Solution Manager.

Solution Manager SCN places have near 727 followers,  and on the other hand we have for example SAP ERP sales and distribution with 652 followers, that's a surprise for me :shock: and is a good new, solman community are growing; if it is hard for you to understand that. ask any SD consultant about solution manager functionalities (you will lucky if they tell you that solman is only for send sap notes to SAP). 😉

But someone can tell me that this is not true, because inside ERP sales and distribution forum there are 2 sub places for SD billing with 202 followers, and SAP ERP SD sales; correct you can sum all that and get more than solution manager places but remember that solman place no not include subplaces for different functionality's as was request by friend wenceslao.lacaze some time ago on that post

See how many sub solman place can be available inside solution manager forum:

On the picture you can see 11 solution manager functionalities Groups and sub-functionalities not less important and tools for offer IT departments a tool for manage they operations, they systems, they service, etc, etc...

Solution Manager is a huge software, but need a better marketing pland than message like ( the mandatory option to download software and create XML files ) that get situations like that ( don't take that as an attack tom.cenens 😄 ) and customers don't get information about whole ALM functionality.

Well, as a finish words ( own personal words and personal idea ), i'm happy to see how solution manager community and people interesting on it are growing every day, now it's on the hand of SAP A.G. to send that message to they customer outside forum like old one that I get the opportunity to join #RunSAP13 where attenders can see a lot of solution manager sessions; but here on Spain SAP presentations there is not a good number of Solution Manager Sessions.

We all have to spread the word better 



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