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Dear IoT Fans across the Globe !!

Excited to meet Miss IoT at openSAP in this Season 3 of openSAP ?

Frankly speaking, I am not a Sales/Media guy !! I am an  SAP HCM SuccessFactors Consultant at Deloitte. But I love campaign management, advertising management, social media marketing a lot since my Graduation days at National Institute of Science & Technology, India.

Being inspired by our S/4 HANA campaign at Deloitte, " Do Something New", I tried to write a campaign for upcoming openSAP course "Touch IoT with SAP Leonardo"

I was able to influence and promote, many of my college juniors and colleagues for IoT Season 1( ) and Season 2 ( .

I am super excited to see how it goes for 3rd season !!

My Social Media Campaign: 

It is inspired by a story from ancient Vedic civilization told by an expert networking session at SAP TechED Bangalore 2016 . It will be a book project powered by SAP Design Thinking lessons learnt from openSAP !!


Glossary: Darshana is described as an "auspicious sight" of a holy person, which bestows merit on the person who is seen. "Sight" here means seeing or beholding, and/or being seen or beheld...


So, Count down starts for openSAP IoT 3rd Season !!!


Any suggestions to attract more registrations(similar to 270548 check -in at Potsdam) and completion of the MOOC will be appreciated !!



Love SCN !!

Why not ask your fellow colleagues/friends ??



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