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A day into the new SCN, this is what I realized;

Yes. It is a radical change and most of us just dont like to moved away from our comfort zone. The new SCN is supposed to open up a whole new dimension but from my initial experience and the past one day, I have come to believe that settling in will take time.

For those who are interested in a crash course on finding your way around thorough the new pages, lost links and the typical information overload the below points could potentially be of help;

1. For the PI folks, you now have two landing pages. Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware - and SAP Integration Scenario: Process Integration -

Like me, you might wonder why there are two. I am hoping that SAP will consolidate them into one because currently the information is being spread across these two space (or places as SCN calls them) and it doesnt help the cause.

Update: SAP has recommended the use of the following space;

Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware -

For all other forums search here -

2. You can start following these places

3. The places that you follow will then start showing up in your profile itself

4. The overview page will only show the latest information as it acts like a landing page hence use the content tab on your specific topic places/spaces for a better organized view. You can use the filters to access only blogs or sort by discussions, documents etc.

Note: Your old forums are now deemed discussions.

5. You can start following people

Note: In the home page, in the right top corner, use the browse -> people option to find whom you want to follow

6. Keep track of all the communications you were involved in a single view using the communications tab

7. Searching - Well, when I use the search functionality provided in the top right corner, it open a new window with no information. Dont know if it is something to do with my browser(s). So the work around is use the Browse option (in the top right corner), select content and then search. You can then use the filters to narrow down the content.

Well I guess these should help you start the sail. As and when we wade further through these new waters, I am sure all of us will make our own discoveries.

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