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Do you want to speed up your navigation with numerous catalogs and groups in Fiori Launchpad Designer?

A large number of catalogs and groups increases the time needed to make the changes in Fiori Launchpad. Navigating Fiori designer (not the most user-friendly tool 😉 ) is especially challenging when you are preparing and testing numerous groups that will go-live together as part of the on-going S/4 HANA implementation.

The field-proven approach is to keep a one-to-one assignment between the catalogs and groups and follow naming prefixes.

As for naming catalogs to use:
ZC<area>_</area code/ shortened catalog description>

For groups:
ZG<area>_</area code/ same shortened description as for catalog>

for example
ZCP2P_PR for a catalog with description "P2P Purchase requisition processing."
ZGP2P_PR for a group with description "P2P Purchase requisition processing."

With this approach filtering the project relevant catalog and groups is much simpler. You just type the prefix" ZC" and press enter. The resulting list shows only a subset of catalogs that are part of the project scope:

To keep the one-to-one relation of catalogs and groups (at least for the duration of the implementation) I would recommend keeping the "Enable users to personalize their group" disabled:

It becomes much clearer to located the needed groups from user view:

You might think that descriptions of the groups with area codes are something that end-users don’t need. But bear in mind that your project team will have to navigate through the whole set of groups, not only the fraction that the end-users get. As many implementations have close or over 100 catalogs, finding the correct group takes time. You can cut down that time during the project, and quickly refine unfriendly descriptions once the hypecare phase finishes.

Who is having more than 20 custom catalogs?
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