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In continuation to my previous blog on the Business Role customizations

Quick Tip : Customizing Business Role in Solution Manager 7.1 ITSM Part 1

let us explore some more options of customizing Business Role.

Let us say, we have implemented only IT Service Management without Change Management for a customer. In this case, it is not required to show all the possible search/Create options in CRM UI or IT Service Management interface.

To hide all the other workcenter in SM_CRM or CRM_UI transaction, navigate to SPRO in solution manager and navigate to below path.

SPRO->Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework->Define Business Role.

Now click on Define Business Role, choose the custom Business Role which is created earlier or copy of standard business role like SOLMANPRO or SOLMANREQU etc. Kindly do not modify standard Business Roles.

Double click the Adjust Work Center option here and unchecked the SM_CHANGE Workcenter in the Inactive MENU column as shown

This will remove or hide the Change Management workcenter in the SM_CRM or IT service management interface as shown below.

Thus, we have successfully able to hide the unwanted workcenter. In addition, we can do the same for Service Operations Workcenter/Master Data workcenter if we don't want to provide everyone this access.

But if we look closely we still have Request for Change under the CREATE Shortcuts.

Further, to hide/remove the Request for Change direct creation link from the CREATE Shortcut.Double click on Adjust Direct Link Groups and choose SM-CREATE option as highlighted below

Now unchecked the Visible tick from SM-CR-DC link which is the shortcut for Request for Change.

Finally, Change Management is completely gone from IT Service Management interface as shown below.

Similar way, we can hide other unwanted links or workcenter easily from our custom Business Role.

Please Note: We are just hiding and user's might be still having authorization to create Change Request so check PFCG authorization's as well.

Check the other one discussing the option for changing the sequence of workcenter in ITSM.

Quick Tip : Customizing Business Role in Solution Manager 7.1 ITSM Part 3(Changing Workcenter Seque...

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