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As mentioned in my previous blog, there is a must need authorization or Business Role for IT Service Management for all users.

There are multiple options to customize this new interface and I am just highlighting one easiest and useful one.

Let us say we need to have a new title replacing "Solution Manager IT Service Management" or logo text

In order to create it we can navigate to below activity in Define Business Role and can access our custom Business Role ZSOLMANPRO etc.

Now in the Logo Text field we can maintain a text we want to replace with.

We can save this in a Transport Request and can be moved to Solution Manager Production Environment.

Now in SM_CRM or IT Service Management workcenter, we can observe the title is changed

One of the big advantage here is we can customize the business roles like other configuration activities of IT Service Management and transport it. Thus, all the users who already have the connected PFCG role here ZSAP_SM_CRM_UIU_SOLMANPRO will see this difference.

There is also another way but I don't recommend this method for Business Role assignment to user's which is using Parameter ID option as below.

For configuring or creating a new business role, refer below guide on SMP.

Some important SAP Notes

o 1115493 - CRM Web UI: Mandatory SICF services for CRM framework

o 1144511: System parameters required for CRM WebClient

o 1244321: Activation of detailed CRM WebClient error analysis during the development phase

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