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The main purpose of this post is to show the process of connecting MySQL Database with SAP Crystal Report 2013 using 32 bit release of MySQL Connector/ODBC. Following steps might guide you through the process of connecting to a MySQL Database:

1. Install Wamp or XAMPP and create database "dbmysql" using phpMyAdmin

2. Download and Install MySQL Connector/ODBC (x86, 32-bit) - MySQL :: Download Connector/ODBC

3. Go to Control Panel > ODBC Data Sources.

4. Select the type of DSN you would like to create (User, System, File). Next, click Add.

5. Provide Data Source

6. Create New Connection - ODBC (RDO)

7. Select the newly created connection and through the arrow button push it to the Selected Table block

8. Select Next and then select the fields to be viewed in the report

9. Select the available template this is optional and then click on Finish.

10. Click on View in the menu bar select Preview or Preview Sample and you can find the data in the Crystal Report

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