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This great blog by jelviegrech reminded me that while I have tried BI OnDemand, I haven't shared my experiences with it.  I have talked about it in presentations at ASUG and BI 2012. Here is something you might consider trying:

Step 1: Set up an account in BI OnDemand at

Alternatively, you can use your StreamWorks ID

Step 2: Upload a Crystal Report (that already has data saved with it)

Step 3: Add Report

Step 4: View report

So what is the benefit as you could otherwise view in this in a free Crystal viewer?  Well, you can also see the Crystal Report on the iPad or iPhone as well.

Step 5: Download BusinessObjects Explorer to iPad or iPhone

Step 6: View report on your iPad or iPhone

If you wanted someone else to view the report on their iPad or iPhone, then you could "Share" the report with them on BI On Demand.

In February, at BI2012, I was amazed that a couple of attendees did this during my session.  I am sure there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing, but this is one way I have used.


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