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In this blog post, I have attempted to create a quick reference for the High Availability, Availability Zone particulars for the SAP on Azure components.


All information compiled here has been referenced from standard Azure documentation and SAP notes. As the official documents are refreshed often, it is highly recommended to refer the official documents for the latest and accurate information.


The following table highlights high-level system components of SAP on Azure and their characteristics over Single Point of Failure, Azure Load Balancer, Regional DR, and DR Replication option:

Figure: Table 1

The two tables below are extensions of Shared Files and Database information of Table 1.


The following table highlights the characteristics of SAP shared files High Availability options for regional and zonal deployments. It also highlights the DR replication option for each of these.

Figure: Table 2

Note: Items highlighted as N/A, Private Preview, Future, etc. are expected to revise in the future.


The following table extends the Database component from Table 1 and highlights the currently available characteristics over the supported OS, Storage, HA, and DB Backup options.

Figure: Table 3


In addition to the above, I have compiled a list of SAP products supported on Azure and a list of supported VM types in a worksheet. Please refer to this GitHub repository: for details and suggest any updates as applicable.




I worked on this blog post with my colleague Mary Chen

Guidance: chthe, richms, dehuan


I intend to share this blog post as quick reference notes. Errors or omissions are not intentional. Opinions are my own and not endorsed by any organization. The information provided here is given in a summary form and does not purport complete. It is recommended to refer the official documents for the latest information.

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