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Query stripping is available for relational universes as well as OLAP universes. (4.1 and Up) including universes on SAP HANA. Query stripping is used to optimize performance by automatically rewriting the query to retrieve only objects included in the report.  This feature is available in Web Intelligence.  For relational universes, you need to activate the option to allow query stripping in the business layer properties in the information design tool. This option is not selected by default for relational universes whereas for OLAP universes, it is active by default.

Once you update Business Layer Query Option to Allow query stripping The “Enable query stripping “  option is selected in the document properties and data provider  in Web Intelligence by default.

Document Properties

Query Properties

Important Note : Please make sure Query stripping is enabled at all 3 levels (Business layer , Document Property and Query Property).  If you don't enabled it in all 3 level you will not see benefits of Query Stripping.

Pros and Cons Using Query Stripping:

Pros: Query performance is very good as query retrieves only objects included in the report.

Cons: Unused objects gives #refresh error when these objects are drag and dropped on report.

Conclusion: Considering cons, we will have to use it sparingly. Users don't likes to see #refresh error. But for ad-hoc reports, will be nice to have.

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