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Hi All,

I wanted to share few important features of Repository Explorer which can be helpful in ABSL coding.

Initially to find out which node or association where a value is saved I used to save the association or node in a local variable and check the values using debugger. Although it worked, it was time consuming and irritating due to many steps involved.

Then I came to know about these features in repository explorer through we can identify the correct association without having to write any code.

#1: Open Repository Explorer, Navigate to any Query of any Business Object, Right-click the query and Execute Query

#2: Give the input of any selection parameter and Click 'OK', it can also be multiple select options

#3: You get the Query Results, depends on the selection parameters

#4: You can generate the code by Generate Code option and use the same in the ABSL for Querying

#5: If the needed value is not available in the Query Result or the values are available in different association then we can use the Navigate by Association(Drop down) and navigate to that particular association and search for values.

#6: If the Query Result is having more than one entry then we need to select any particular value and use Navigate by Association.

#7: Single-Record view gives you an alternate way for viewing the records.

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