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This document covers the details of the custom SAP fiori Transactional App developed for Usage Decision using FIORI 2.0.  SAP does not provide standard solution (FIORI App) that covers all these functionalities for ECC. The entire code is not shared but all FMs/Tables/Logic are listed in the last part of the document as pointers. 

The document focuses on two aspects depending on the target audience:

  • Features covered in the app (Functional/Business/End Users Audience)

  • High level Technical details for each functionality (Technical Audience)

Features of the App

  1. Display Characteristics , Inspection Points, Defects , Notifications , Multiple Specifications for an inspection lot

  2. Assigning Batch for Batch Managed Lots

  3. Changing Batch Status

  4. Usage Decision with Digital Signature

  5. Force Closure

  6. EWM Usage Decision

  7. Search for Inspection Lots Based on Given Search Parameters

  8. Value helps for all fields with wild card search/case sensitive search wherever possible

  9. Variant Management ( as in SAP ) – Create / Update / Delete / Setting Default Variant

  10. Create/View Note for Inspection Lot

  11. Create/View Attachments for Inspection Lot

  12. Print Report ( Sap script Form/Smart form/Adobe in PDF format)

  13. Decimal , Date User format as per the user profile

  14. Multiple Language support

  15. Lock Mechanism

  16. Authority checks done as per Client requirements

  17. Security Roles assigned to Catalogs , Groups , OData Services on Gateway and Backend


These features covers functionalities of transactions QA32/33, QA11/12/13, EWM Tcode - /SCWM/QIDPR

Most of the functionalities (points 7 to 17) are common to previous app. Refer below link for common functionalities. This document focuses on the Usage Decision specific functionalities (points 1 to 6).

  1. Display Characteristics , Inspection Points, Defects , Notifications , Multiple Specifications for an inspection lot

After selecting inspection lot from the search results screen, information such as Characteristics, Inspection Points, Defects, Notifications, Multiple Specifications are displayed for the user to review and to make a decision for UD.

Characteristics Tab : Displaying Operations , Valuation , Specifications , Results , Short Text , Status


Inspection Points Tab

Defects Tab

 Notifications Tab

Multiple Specifications Tab

In case there are specifications that may have different results for different countries or customers, then those are displayed in multiple specifications tab.

  1. Assigning Batch for Batch Managed Lots

In case of batch managed lots, assignment of batch to a lot is mandatory before doing UD. User can assign a batch from existing list of batches for the material and plant of the inspection lot or create a new batch.

Click on Create Batch to create a new batch and assign to the Inspection lot.

Batch is created and assigned to the inspection lot.


  1. Changing Batch Status

User can also change the batch status for the inspection lot batch.


  1. Usage Decision with Digital Signature

After reviewing all the information, user can decide whether to accept or Reject or do a conditional Usage Decision. After clicking on either of the buttons, a pop up for digital Signature is given. After signing in the credentials, UD is done.

After successful posting the screen is refreshed with the UD code and is locked so that the User cannot do the UD again.


  1. Force Closure

While doing UD, the system checks if result recording for the characteristics are done or not. In case the characteristics are not closed then a message is given to inform the user that characteristics are still open. If User still wants to go ahead with UD then a message is given to enter reason for Force closure.


  1. EWM Usage Decision

Here comes the most challenging functionality of doing UD. For specific inspection type, the UD is done in EWM system at Handling Unit Level.  There are no helps/links or standard solution for achieving this and even SAP replied the same to us while implementing this functionality.

High Level Technical Details

This part of the document would be more appealing for the technical people as most of the time is lost in finding the correct logic/function modules/tables/enhancements and testing them. The aim is only to give high level details and not the exact step by step process done to achieve the functionalities.

Functionality Technical Details
Get Characteristics, Inspection Points Data


Get Defects Tables : QMFEL  , QPCT
Get Notifications Tables : VIQMEL , QNAOD_AOBJECT
EWM UD at HU level

Custom RFC FM (directed to EWM ) written for doing UD at HU level

/SCWM/CL_QINSP_STOCK-> SET_QINSP_ABILITY_STOCK -> Returns all relevant HU line items for which UD is not done


For each of the relevant items






/SCWM/RF_QM_PRD_INSP_DEC ->Update stock decision


/SCWM/TO_POST -> Post data

Read EWM HU line items


LO_QINSP_STOCK->SET_QINSP_ABILITY_STOCK -> Return HU line items for which UD is not done

/SCWM/CL_QUI_INSPDOC->SELECT_BY_RELATION -> Returns HU lines items for which UD is done


Enhancements/Exits/BADI Used:

Functionality Purpose and Technical Details
Digital Signature Standard UD FM has the Digital Signature Code, but it checks the flag and gives an error message and stops the process. To continue signing, if the FM is called from FIORI a flag is set to indicate that the call Is from FIORI screen. The necessary DS flag is cleared from the method and standard signing process continues.
Long text while force closure Implicit enhancement in QSS_TEXT_TABLES_PROCESSING for long text during force closure


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