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This was a webcast earlier this week.  It was not a slide presentation but more of an interactive Q&A.

Line of business and IT and data management; core of issue is lack of common technology, says SAP

How share common language, one trusted path

Challenges that businesses face today:

1. Need access to data

2. Once access, explosion of data

IT needs governance; problem is it takes time

Explosion of data - which data is relevant?

Issue of shadow IT

IT - govern data that you can trust, that is secure, compliant

Poll during webcast

Shadow IT Discussion

Shadow IT puts data on risk if spin up instances, may be at risk

SAP Data Warehouse - govern data, access and speed of business

Expose data to line of business data; bring next to central governed data

"bring shadow IT out of the shadow"

Businesses face competition, can't wait for IT, and find solutions that work

Businesses need flexibility

IT needs to be involved

- past standard selection

- IT ensures solution that is scalable

- need to listen to requirements

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud listened to business and IT to bring all into software

Data Management Discussion

Less than half of company's structured data is being used to make decisions

Less than 1% of unstructured data is governable/analyzable

80% of analysts' time is spent preparing data

What are requirements?

Explosion of data

Give access, but no way to consume

Need to find root-cause

Need 1 workspace to have all the data available for consumption - easy connectivity, easy data modeling (automate)

Want a solution that gives you these features

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud starts with the connectivity - make it as easy as possible using tiles

Secure with spaces

Bring data together with graphical easy to use tool and use SAP Analytics Cloud


Q: How much investment should a company have in data management?

A: Important to reach business goal

Have access to relevant data

Provide to business and consume

Data Warehouse Cloud does not need an upfront big investment

Small steps - return on investment, grow and scale

Q: Could you please help me understand spaces?

A: Isolated units to use

Can connect spaces

Pay as you go

Grow with demands

Governed space, or free space

Elasticity, compute and storage

Invite partners to bring content to spaces

Q: Does SAP Data Warehouse Cloud have SQL or BW compatibility?

A: Yes

A lot of customers using BW/SQL

Leverage BW concepts to SQL world

Can script

Q: If I am a BW customer today, what is your recommendation for me?

A: Leverage your BW investment and go hybrid

Use connectivity that BW gives you

Move new workloads to the cloud, to do more faster, more flexible

Q: Is Data Warehouse Cloud an open solution?

A: Yes, open to take data, and consume data (preferred BI) - use embedded

Q: What is the relationship between HANA Cloud Services, HANA Cloud, Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud?

A: HANA Cloud Services is umbrella term used for all data management

HANA Cloud is at core, in memory, doc, graph store, data lake

Data Warehouse Cloud built too

Consume with SAP Analytics Cloud

Q: Retail industry example?

A: Store - smart stores, track customers in store, preferences, habits, and given them recommendations on mobile

Volumes related to this

Data Warehouse Cloud has connectivity with Edge databases, central sales, and bring together, expose as universe data
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