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As a Junior BW resource I always got confused by looking at the job BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER in SM37. During Go-live of any Major projects or Major Upgrade its apparent that we need to schedule all the process chains in the system, If somebody wants to verify what are all chains were scheduled already then we should use SM37 where we all get in the Job name BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER, which gives very less information about my process chain which been the scheduled.

In this document I am explaining how to get the job BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER details through SM37 Vs Simple way through RSM37                                        

Being in RSPC t-code, Go to Execution in option and say Schedule then the chain gets scheduled based start variant. Then a Background job will be created with job name BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER.

Traditional way (SM37)                                                         

If we go to SM37 & enter the job name as BI_PROCESS_TRIGGER, below screen will be appeared.

click on Step option in menu bar to get the more information

Variant is nothing but our Start Variant and Chain refers to Process Chain which we scheduled.

RSM37 way of getting the same information

Go to RSM37 and mention Job & Name respectively so that we filter out entries getting displayed.

execute this screen,

We can notice Process chain Name, start variant & all other parameters related to the chain will be displayed in one place.


Hope it helps,


Shanthi Bhaskar

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