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Mobile and Social BPM are integral to the customer service strategies of the future. They are lynchpins in moving from a “system of record” mentality to a “system of engagement” mindset that will exceed customer expectations. - Ben Farrell

Triggering the "passion for process" across the process value chain - business stakeholders, partners, customers and all end users is key to success in BPM journey. With the paradigm shift likely to happen towards engaging front-line users in more meaningful ways, social BPM is one of the newest weapons in the BPM arsenal. While Social BPM is centered around process workers, the impact created by the tying the knots between BPM systems and social media like Facebook and Twitter is tremendous.

How about engaging end users to use social media to trigger & execute the processes? Wouldn't it be great if one can just add a FB app and place a product order using a simple FB app which in turn would trigger the underlying BPM process and update the requester about the order status periodically? The user experience would be really cool and the end users doesn't need any other UI / web app other than their favourite FB UI to place an order.

For a stripped down version of such a customer centric use case, here is a simple BPMN model that calls a custom FB app in one of the steps to post the status update about the successful order creation on the requester's FB wall.

Here's the video, that shows the end to end process execution for the above model in SAP NW BPM.

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