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Like we all know, there is an option to push the data from an ABAP only satellite system to a Java only based SLD. However, the same old technique doesn't help when you have your SLD on a netweaver platform equivalent or above 7.3.

We have recently completed 7.4 AEX (Advanced Adapter Engine Extended) on Linux platform with Oracle DB. Post AEX installation, we have decided to push the data of our existing ERP system to the SLD of the newly installed AEX. As we all know, in a Java only SLD system, we have to edit the profile at the SLD level to adapt and use the gateway of an existing ABAP system of your choice (may be highly available) to receive data from the ABAP only systems (eg. ERP). The same approach did not help as Java itself has its own gateway service/process from NW 7.3 and above as shown below.

<host name>:<sid>adm 51> ps -ef|grep gw

<sid>adm 10542 10522  0 Nov05 ?        00:00:10<SID>_SCS01 pf=/usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile/<SID>_SCS01_<host name> -no_abap


As we have the Java only SLD on NW 7.4, you can use its own gateway service provided you set the parameter "gw/acl_mode = 0" in the SCS instance profile of SLD. But, this parameter can also be set to 1 ensuring that you have properly maintained the reg_info and sec_info files in your Java only SLD system.

Once you are done with maintaining this parameter, you have to restart the SLD system (SAP) and proceed with the below steps.

Steps to be followed in your Java only SLD system:

Launch SLD (http://<host name of SLD>:5<instance number>00/sld).

Click on administration

Click on Settings

In the Section drop-down, select ALL. Ensure you have the entries maintained for Gateway Host and the Gateway Service as shown below.

Save the settings. Restart the SLD.

Steps to be followed in your ABAP only satellite systems:

Go to RZ70, adapt the gateway parameters as shown below.

Activate these settings and click on “Start the data collection”.

This should push the information of the satellite ABAP only system to the Java only SLD.

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