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Hello All,

This blog is a compilation of quick steps to develop proxy classes to access the SAP functions(remote-enabled) from non-SAP UI technologies.

[ Inspired by the forum question : ]

The steps to be followed are:

1. Install NWDS on your local machine.

     NWDS is available in SDN. For complete list of NWDS versions use the link: (It requires an S-User ID. Contact any SAP developer for an S-User ID).

2. Then, create a Java Project.

3. Complete the Project creation. Right-click on project and choose New->Other. In the window select " Enterprise Connector ".

4. Click Next. Then, fill the necessary fields.

5. Provide the SAP System details and SAP login credentials to access the remote-enabled SAP functions.

6. On successful login, search for the function to be used by your application i.e. function for which the proxy classes are required.

7. Finally, the proxy classes are generated.

However, since the JCo library files/apis are not available in the Java project, it results in compile errors for all SAP JCo classes in the project.

The following steps will assist you on add the JCo related jar files to the Java project.

1. Go to the build path of the Java project. Choose, External Jars and navigate to the plugins folder of the NWDS.

2. Look up the plugins for the following jar files:

  • SAPmdi.jar
  • sapjco.jar
  • aii_util_msc.jar
  • aii_proxy_rt.jar

3. Click on OK. Now, the java project and proxy classes are ready to be used in your application.

All the Best.



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