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This document will help those who frequently deal with Dashboards and Design Studio


Provides a rich set of visualization and controls to build highly interactive dashboards on third-party data sources.



Build rich, interactive dashboards and visualizations

Long development process due to multiple layers of technology in workflow

Broad visualization library to support KPIs and executive Dashboards

Slow performance when initializing Flash content

Leverage enterprise BI infrastructure with support for the semantic layer

Slow performance and in some cases can not handle larger datasets

Recommended for use on third party data sources

Limited HTML5(Mobile) visualization

Design Studio:

Provides a development environment that contains a broad library of controls and visualizations to build analytic applications on BW, HANA and Universes.



Modern development environment with JavaScript programming/control and HTML5 runtime

New tool, not fully matured

Native BW and HANA support

Not as many visualizations as Dashboards

Recommended by SAP for BW customers

Requires scripting programming skills for more complex applications

Can handle larger datasets

Supports embedding of Dashboards(Xcelsius) content

It has been observed that Dashboards is preferred with universe as data source however Design Studio is recommended for BW and HANA as data source.


Tejas Tamhane

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