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ABAP Cloud/Steampunk does not work with old SEGW based gateway projects, instead customers can re-implement logic using RAP.

Sometimes, it might not be feasible to rewrite everything, so why not just migrate the existing projects to run on ABAP Cloud?

SAP has not released the classes and interfaces related to SEGW, so these must first be rewritten from scratch, I've implemented a very very basic proof of concept at open-abap/open-abap-odata.

Then after that, rename everything into customer namespace, and import into Steampunk.


This will allow having code that works everywhere, and developers can upgrade the library at any time. Plus each team can have their own version of the library installed, reducing impact when updating the library.

The custom code in the SEGW classes must be Steampunk compatible, if not, some automatic refactoring via eg. strict_sql and sql_escape_host_variables can help.


Library and tests: open-abap/open-abap-odata

Renamed: open-abap/open-abap-odata-poc
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