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                                  Creation of LCMBIAR file comprising of Reports and Universe.

Step 1:

Log on to SAP Business Objects BI Central Management Console with Administrator credentials.Once logged in, click on ‘Promotion Management’.

Step 2:

Create a new job by clicking on the ‘New Job’ in the top left of the Promotion Management screen.

Step 3:

In New Job page enter all the required details.

NAME: Name of the job that you want to create

Description: Description of the job you want to create. Entering this information is optional.

Save Jobs In: A GUI element that enables you to store the job in a folder of your choice. You must select a folder to create a job.

Source System: The name of the Business Objects Enterprise system from which you want to create a LCMBIAR file.

Destination System: In the Destination drop-down list, select Output to LCMBIAR file option and click Create.

Step 4: 

Clicking on Create creates a new job object and will be stored in a CMS repository. Now select the objects that you want to move by clicking on ‘Add Objects’.

Select the Info objects that you want to import to LCMBIAR file and click on ‘Add and Close’

You can use the Manage Dependencies option to manage the dependencies of the selected job

Select Dependents and click on ‘Apply & Close’.

Step 5:

Click Promote. The “Promote” window appears.

Step 6:

Modify these options as per your requirement and click on ‘Export’.


You can save a BIAR file to a File System or an FTP Location. Depending on the option you choose in ‘LCMBiar File Destination’. The LCMBiar File Destination pane appears.

1. Perform one of the following steps:

2. Select File System Or

3. Select FTP, enter appropriate details in the host, port, username, password, Directory and file name fields.

To encrypt the LCMBIAR file using password, click Password Encryption Check box.

1.  Enter a password in the Password field.

2. Re-enter the password in the Verify Password field.

The BIAR file is created and is exported to the file system or an FTP location, depending on the option you select in ‘LCMBiar File Destination’.

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