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In this blog post, I would like to show how a project manager and his project team can use SAP Cloud ALM usefully for project management.

Project Overview in SAP Cloud ALM


Four easy steps to get started

Basically, only four simple steps are necessary at the beginning:

  1. Creating a project in SAP Cloud ALM

  2. Creation/assignment of teams, employees, deliverables

  3. Create/upload tasks for project planning

  4. Use the reporting



The tasks are the element for scheduling and assignment to teams or people.

The tasks can be created as follows:

  • Use of SAP Best Practice templates for almost all possible SAP solutions and products

  • Upload the tasks from Excel

  • Manually create the tasks

The advantage of SAP best practice templates (roadmap tasks) is that they are already described and often also have tools (accelerators) in the form of templates, examples, links, etc. with them.

SAP Best Practice Roadmap Task


Tasks in SAP Cloud ALM

All SAP Activate artifacts are available for planning in SAP Cloud ALM.

In particular, I use the phases, deliverables and workstreams here. However, there are numerous other fields for the planning, effort estimation and categorization of the tasks.

Task details with SAP Activate artifacts


Overview of the tasks

The tasks can be displayed either in tabular form or in the form of a Gantt chart.

Gantt chart for project planning


Evaluation and reporting

Many "out of the box" reports are available in SAP Cloud ALM for project reporting.

This allows all tasks to be evaluated in detail in terms of time, scope, quality, team, person, deliverable, etc.

Project Reporting in SAP Cloud ALM



SAP Cloud ALM offers very helpful options for project management.

In my view, it is the ideal tool for a project manager and his project team for a typical SAP project.

It supports strong collaboration. Many artifacts from SAP Activate are reflected in SAP Cloud ALM and can be used in practice.
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