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Neither the idea of predictive maintenance nor the use of sensors to gather a variety of data is new. However there are some challenges that come into play if you strive for a holistic approach and an end-to-end overview.

Usually, the equipment that is being used in a plant or production site comes from multiple vendors and while some of the of the assets may already include some embedded intelligence, they don't necessarily speak "the same language" than other assets do. So one challenge is to deal with the variety of data sources and formats.

Next, you have to find a way how the gathered data can be interpreted and how you can derive some actionable insights from them. This aspect might not only involve the assets themselves but perhaps you also need to consider how to integrate multiple (ERP) systems in the backend.

Lastly, if you think about harsh and ruggedized environments like mining sites or oil rigs, you might not have a datacenter next door for fast and easy data processing but you also have to deal with edge vs. centralized processing and how to transfer large volumes of data.

AIMA - Asset Information Management and Analytics

Dell Technologies and our Australia-based partner Perfekt have teamed up to created a high-performance compute software and hardware solution Proof of Concept (PoC). It is based on SAP Data Intelligence and extends to include computer vision and unstructured data use cases for processing large volumes of data and providing valuable insights to address industry challenges.

The solution is called AIMA (Asset Information Management and Analytics) and its operational apps integrate streaming data from IoT equipment with ERP asset data, taking advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning. With that, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • timely insights

  • accurate predictions

  • streamlining of equipment maintenance workflows

  • reduced outages

  • increased safety

The solution includes Dell Technologies infrastructure, data protection and cyber security technologies and is underpinned by Vmware.


The solution was developed as a use case for the mining industry to improve the safety of mining sites, to reduce costs and outages and streamlines / fastens maintenance cycles since it allows to replace components before they actually break. Of course these fields of applications are applicable to other industries as well. Tangible results were among others:

  • 20% reduction of tire related incidents which contributed to over $150 Million cost of outages

  • 30% reduction in collision incidents, resulting in safety improvements and cost of collisions reduction

  • 10% reduction of unscheduled stoppages due to premature equipment wear

AIMA in the SAP App Center

AIMA integrated with SAP solutions will develop further in the future and will be available via the App Center.

On top of that, this great PoC success story has been submitted for the SAP Innovation Award 2021. Visit the entry page to learn more about this joint solution from Perfekt and Dell Technologies or have a look at the solution overview document.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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