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1. Invalid characters in BW (Special characters),

While loading when the source data contains invalid characters then it gives error in SID generation and Characteristic XXX contains invalid characters. As per BW standard allows supports Capital letters, Small letters, certain characters and Digits. Unlike these characters coming from source which leads to error. There are 3 ways to resolve this,

  1. Remove the invalid character by using proper ABAP routine.
  2. Change/modifty the invalid characters in the PSA
  3. Allow special characters into BW using tcode RSKC, SPRO and table: RSALLOWEDCHAR.

Note: If the request exists in data target then you cannot edit the data in PSA. So, you have to delete the request from the target and edit the data in PSA and reschedule or reload the data from PSA.

If you want to write an ABAP routine then delete the request from the objects/PSA and write the field level routine at transformations and reactivate the transformations and reload the requests.

2. Short Dump Occurred,

Short dump occurs in both R/3 and BW. To analyze the cause, select short dump overview button in status tab of a request in RSMO or in ST22.

In BW: Short dumps are because of time outs and DB errors. Time outs short dumps generally in BW, then reschedule the requests from PSA.

If still repeats again, regenerate all the related objects using:-



RSDG_MPRO_ACTIVATE - Multiprovider

RS_COMSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL - Communication structures




Due to DB, these errors caused by various reasons. But mostly caused by too small table space or no DB space. Take help or inform to Basis to resolve this then reschedule the request from PSA.

In R/3: These are getting due to DB errors. Take help or inform to Basis to resolve this and again reschedule the load from Source system.

3. Objects are locked,

If two users are performing operations edit/modify on same object at a time then the object will be automatically locked.

If someone editing the objects and at the same time if load is happened, then loads are fail with error message object is locked.

User locking, user entered same wrong password entered in 3 times continuously then User will be locked. By using tcode SU01 reset the password.Tcode SM12 to unlock the object.

4. Error in Source system,

Most of the times it is because of RFC or SAPI connection, check the source system connection using tcode RSA13. If it is not in active status then inform to Basis. Remove bad request and reschedule the request from the source system.

5. Inactive Update rules,

Update rules are in inactive status. Manually activate the update rules or if you are in the production system then execute the program RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL in SE38, then provide the Info source and data target.Reschedule the request from PSA.

6. Time stamp error,

This is because of timestamp changes between source system and BW system.

Replicate the datasource and activate the transfer structure or replicate the data source from source system then run the program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL, Provide the source system name and info source name and execute to activate the Transfer structure

Then reschedule the request from the source system.

7. No SID found,

While loading transaction data if any Master Data record not found, it will through this error.

Load Master Data for a particular Master Data InfoObject. Reschedule the request from PSA.

8. Transactional RFC error,

Error while transferring the LUW’s (Logical Unit of Work) from SAP R/3 source system to SAP-BI via service API

In this case, manually push the LUW's by using the tcode SM58 to service the API.In the SM58, select the blocked LUW's then select the execute LUW from the menu tab. Once LUW's are manually executed in the source side,Refresh the load in SAP BW so that it will start loading automatically.

9. ALE Remote Lock,

This can be happens when User (i.e. Dialog User or foreground User) or ALEREMOTE (Background User OR system User) is accessing the same table at a time then this will be raised i.e., when two or more Users are trying to modify/edit the same the table then the table will be locked. This is called ALEREMORE LOCK. If you have authorizations, then removing this Lock by using tcode SM12 or inform to Basis to get this out. Then reschedule the request from PSA.

10. Process overdue error,

If two process chains are trying to load or update data to a single object then will get this type of error. Identifying the chain and the process which is updating the data target, after finishing that Process re-schedule the next request again.Then reschedule request from PSA

11. Delta Load fails,

If any delta load fails then perform the repeat delta or delta repetition.Remove the request from the request tab of Manage tab of provider then change the status of the request to red in monitor then schedule the request.It populates repeat delta screen and click Ok.

12. Master Data Locks,

Master Data load failed, next time load is not allowed because Master Data lock generated.Master Data lock need to be removed, Go to tcode RSMO --> select error request --> go to --> status tab and click on log overview --> select request status --> remove lock. Load the request again from the PSA.

Important BW Production Programs (SE38 programs)

  1. RSIMPCURR - To transfer exchange rates
  2. RSIMPCUST - TO transfer global settings from source system
  3. RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL - To activate transfer rules
  4. RS_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL - To activate update rules
  5. RSAR_PSA_CLEANUP_DIRECTORY - To clean PSA and change log
  6. SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGN - To know statistics or size of cubes
  7. RSSM_SET_REPAIR_FULL_FLAG - To change request status from Full load to repair Full
  8. RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN - For Hierachy/Attribute change run...etc



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