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As no technical guide is good w/o the related processes, I will add some screenshots to show you, what you get, when you follow my technical step-by-step guide:


training administrator - organizes trainings

employee with employee self-service - books trainings

manager with manager self-service - confirms or rejects trainings requests

RoleProcess LSOSub-Process Collaboration Room
training admin
training preparationcreate croom
choose existing croom
upload files into croom
information to learners about new info in croomsend e-mails to learners
booking of learner in sap erpbook learner on croom
firmly booking of trainingno special process
cancellation of trainingautomated: delete croom
cancellation of single booking of learner in erpautomated: delete participation in croom
rebooking of learner in erpautomated: cancel participation in former croom, book on new cromm
follow-up trainingdelete participation in croom, deletes croom
substitution of trainings adminmaintenance of further trainings-admin in portal


(learner) ess

booking on training via portal

croom does not exist on training - is created after booking: manual assignment

to croom via trainings admin

croom does exist on training: learner is booked automatically on croom
cancels training participationafter confirmation of manager: participation in croom is deleted automatically
manager mssconfirms training participationno special process
checks training of employeesno special process
confirms cancellation of learner

deletes participation in croom automatically

processes trainings admin

training preparation - room creation

go to transaction lso_psv2. when creating a training, maintain the croom. Choose create.

Then choose create again.

This window pops up:

Template Prof./Template/Privacy Type/Cetegories is already there (by your customizing entries).

Owner - here you enter your user (who has the authorization to create roles in the Enterprise Portal). Role Profile should be the large training admin profile that includes member and admin. Enter also a proper name (e.g. course name and date).

Select create room.

Room in Enterprise Portal is created.

There are some more fields to maintain. These fields overwrite your default settings in customizing table V_LSO_CUSTEPCFG. Please refer to SAP Help for further information on how to maintain them:

Choose Role Learner for all dropdown boxes below. If you choose training admin for the 1st one, all your learners will be booked as trainings admins as well.

training preparation - choose existing room

In the same way as you create a room, you may also choose a room (if it is not marked as exclusive).

training preparation - add files to room

log into the portal as trainings admin. go to the service collaboration. Go to room directory and choose the relevant room.

Go to new and upload file.

information to learners about new info in room - send e-mails to learners

choose your room. choose team members. mark team members. go to collaboration -> send e-mail.

e-mail window pops-up. this is an emulation of the Microsoft exchange functionality. your e-mail will be sent directly - not via SCOT. Use it, as you would you Microsoft Outlook.

booking of learner in sap erp - book learner on croom

if a croom was created before learners are booked on a training, they are automatically participants of the croom. if you create the room after learners were booked on a training, you need to invite them again.

One way is to use report LSO_RHXTEILN.

Choose a training from the structure.

You see a list of training participants. With the button "Collaboration" you may add a learner to the croom or delete her from it.

In the dynamic participation menu choose the training with croom and right-click on it. In the context menu choose Collaboration.

Here you can also add/delete single participants.

firmly booking of training - no special process

when you confirm a  training, no changes are made to the croom.

cancellation of training - automated: delete room

In the default settings in my technical manual you have set the default setting to "Delete Participation/Collaboration Room". When you cancel the training the croom and all relations to learners will also be deleted. You may change this at the creation of the croom. When you choose "Keep participation" you must delete the relations to learners and the croom later on manually in the portal.

cancellation of single booking of learner in erp in croom - automated: delete participation in croom

when you cancel the participation of a learner from backend erp from a training, the participation in the croom will automatically be cancelled.

rebooking of learner in croom - automated: cancel participation in former croom, book on new croom

rebooking behaviour is the same as cancellation and booking.

*Documentation will be enhanced whenever I have time* 🙂

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