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There is a very common problem, that while doing a post request or any kind of update containing empty dates are not allowed by default via SEGW based OData-Services.

How to enable this is described here: DateTime field in OData entity – Points to take care when the UI is throwing run-time error. | SAP B...


But maybe you struggle here anyway, even when using the workaround as described before - but why? Take a look here at the column DEL_DATE:

It looks fine in the ADT Data-Preview, even if 0000-00-00 is not a very nice date.

But testing the OData-Service based on this CDS View returns an error "the Value ____ is no valid Date according to XML-formats for ABAP":


Rescue from the past - thank you SE16:

The solution can be found via our old tooling like the good, old SE16 - here we see the true value of DEL_DATE:

The field does not contain any value - its empty, space or even null, but not 0000-00-00 as shown in ADT! And "space" or "empty string" can't be interpreted as a date! How to fix it? Simply extend your CDS with an easy CASE-Statement, that sets a value OData can handle - like the one mistakenly shown in ADT:
define view entity ZABC
as select from toa01
key sap_object as SapObject,
@UI.hidden: true
key object_id as ObjectId,
@EndUserText.label: 'Content Repository'
key archiv_id as ArchivId,
key arc_doc_id as ArcDocId,

case del_date
when '' then '00000000'
else del_date end as DelDate

This should normally not be necessary and is clearly due to a program error, but still: some kind of solution.


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